Welcome to Adminovate 2019

Where we create the inspiration for innovation in the Fund Administration Industry

Ed Burke Hall

An exclusive full-day forum bringing together innovative fintech startups, fund administration professionals and industry experts from the investment operations world to learn and share perspectives on the next wave of industry evolution.

"At Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin we provide a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and all are encouraged to achieve their potential. We promote a diverse, interdisciplinary, inclusive environment which nurtures ground-breaking research, innovation, and creativity through engaging with issues of global significance."

Why attend?

Working in the Funds Industry?

Do you ever think there must be a better way?

Do you ever wonder why we all compete for business when we’re all effectively doing the same thing?

Are you frustrated with supporting legacy systems while witnessing the rapid evolution of innovative technologies elsewhere?

Are your clients frustrated, or worse yet, disinterested with the slow pace of change in your product offering? Is the onslaught of regulatory change getting you down?

Are you thinking that the investment operations industry is ripe for disruption?

Then join us!

Engage with over 300 like-minded souls from fintech startups, fund administration professionals, outsourcing firms, middle and back office experts, industry influencers and technology professionals, for a day of discovery and enlightenment on innovation and showcasing the best of what Ireland has to offer to the Investment Funds Industry.

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The early bird gets the worm


What will we do when everything is automated, and what will we leave behind for the next generation?


What impact will Blockchain have on the Industry by 2025

RPA, ML and AI

Attack of the acronyms! Robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence - how is all of this applicable to what we do?


The Industry has been hit by a tsunami of regulation in the last 10 years. Can Regtech help with the burden?


How to incentivise the best of the best to join the movement and have them automate everything.


How will it affect the Industry. Is it an opportunity or threat?